Teak Protector - Natural - RRP £39.95

Protects the teak from dirt throughout the season and preserves the light-brown teak colour four times longer than a teak/hardwood oil treatment. This protector is oil-free, so you don’t need to worry about dark stains on the product or on your clothes. On the contrary, rather than taking on a darker base tone, this protector preserves the natural wood grain. It protects the wood, also against the effect of the sun. Make sure that the teak is completely dry before applying the protector.

  • Teak Protector. Easy to apply. Stays natural for a long time.
  • Oil-free
  • Frequency of Use - Once per year
  • Product protects: m2/chairs: 8 - 10 | tables (240 cm): 2 | benches (240 cm): 3
  • Contents: 1000 ml
  • NO time to WASTE - This bottle is made of 100% Recycled HDPE

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