Easter ideas for your patio

For me, Easter is a fantastic opportunity for all the family get together at the peak of spring. As we celebrate this holiday, the garden is warming up and offers all sorts of beautiful blooms for our eyes to feast upon. So, with all of this going on, make the most of your Easter weekend with these exciting ideas for your patio.

Spring cleaning

Prepare your patio for the festivities by giving your garden a good spring clean. A great way to start is by brushing away any debris that may have been blown in, such as leaves or dust, and then give it a good wash down. This should leave your patio gleaming and ready for the holiday! 

Your furniture, whether it is brand new or not, will also benefit from a little love and attention, so give any items a good wipe down, removing dirt and cobwebs. Apply a protective solution, like anti-rust paint for metallic furniture and protective oils for wood furniture. If you don’t have furniture covers, now might be a good time to invest in some - as April is usually a month of wet weather!

Easter planting

For bright visual displays over the bank holiday weekend, why not plant some vibrant spring flowering plants in your garden. There is a wealth of flowers, shrubs and trees that will both look and smell amazing and create the perfect backdrop for Easter. Try Pieris ‘Forest Flame’, which will be bursting with red, pink and white bell-shaped flowers.

Pulmonaria (lungwort) will bring pollinators like bees to your garden with attractive purple flowers upon white-spotted green foliage. For that famous spring blossom, try the Malus hupehensis (crab apple), which will present delicate and fragrant white flowers for you to feast your eyes upon. 

For more Easter plant ideas, check out my blog for the best colourful flowering plants this Spring.

Easter fun for kids

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt for the little ones. Historically, painted hen eggs were hidden around the garden for children to find and little about the game has changed today - except the eggs are now usually made from chocolate! When setting up your own egg hunt, hide eggs in locations that will be easily accessible to children like flower beds, in the cracks of trees, behind logs and nestled amongst garden foliage. If you choose to hide them amongst your garden furniture, make sure there is no chance they could melt onto your lovely outdoor cushions! To add an extra level of fun to the game, why not hide clues with each egg, creating a trail that the kids have to follow. 

Another fun idea for the garden at Easter is to set up an outdoor screen. Just hang a white sheet over a washing line, or pin it to a wall or fence. You can then use a projector to play films or even a photo carousel, to share fun family photos with friends and relatives. It’s a great activity to make the most of your Casual Corner Dining Set, with plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably and marvel at the excitement on screen.

Easter garden BBQ

On Easter Sunday, many families sit down to a traditional meal of roast lamb and rosemary roast potatoes. If the weather is kind, then why not take your lamb to the grill and BBQ it outdoors. Skewers of barbequed lamb in a rosemary and olive oil marinade will tantalize the taste buds and are best enjoyed from the comfort of your Georgia Dining set - the perfect arrangement for spring and summer barbeques. 

For dessert, why not try making something out of the chocolate from your Easter eggs. Simply cut a slice down the length of a banana and insert pieces of chocolate shell into the crack. Then wrap the banana in foil and leave to cook until the chocolate has melted and the banana has baked into a delicious gooey desert. But whether it’s BBQ weather or not, dining outside over Easter is the best way to enjoy your spring time garden and you can easily stay covered using a parasol or outdoor gazebo from the Hartman range.

So, make the most of your Easter garden patio by implementing these fun ideas, that will certainly see your friends and family hopping with joy over the bank holiday weekend.